OMF comes back in 2020 summer!

We are happy to announce that Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival comes back in 2020 summer. Fabio Luisi, who made a amazing performance in this year's OMF, is coming back to Matsumoto. It will be his 6th time to join the festival, and this is the highest number among all the guest conductors. The relationship between Fabio and Saito Kinen Orchestra made like a steel, they always make a great harmony and we are already looking forward to the excitement these two would bring to us.
Along with Fabio Luisi, French conductor Stéphane Denève will conduct the SKO. He conducted at Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto in 2013 for Opera Ravel: L'heure espagnole. 
Program details will be announced later. Ticket sales are scheduled in June 13th 2020. Please look forward to 2020OMF!


2019OMF closed with 11,820 audience!


22 days 2019OMF closed today welcoming in total 11,820 audience.
The final concert of this year was Orchestra Concert Program B with Mo. Diego Matheuz and Saito Kinen Orchestra. The main program Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6 greatly loved by the audience, the applause didn't stop until they play an encore Tchaikovsky: “Eugene Onegin” Polonaise. At the end of the concert, volunteer stuff gave Nagano pref flower to the members.
The day before, Director Seiji Ozawa paid a visit to the rehearsal and finally was able to meet SKO members in Matsumoto. SKO members welcomed the Maestro and he said "From very beginning of this Saito Kinen Orchestra, night before, I could not sleep. Last night, I could not sleep one minute. Because I see you all today. Something about this orchestra is very special."
Thank you all for coming to the 2019OMF. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2020!


"Peter and the Wolf" original drawings by Nana Furiya exhibition

Original drawings of "Peter and the Wolf" by Nana Furiya will be exhibited at Pinpoint Gallery in Tokyo. Please see website below for more information.

■Nana Furiya "Peter and the Wolf" Original Drawings Exhibition
Sep 16 (Mon) - Sep 28 (Sat) 12:00PM - 7:00PM
*Till 5PM on Sat. 9/16 opens 2PM-7PM. Close on Sun.
Pinpoint Gallery 5-49-5RHouse, Jingumae, Shibuya


Sep 7 Orchestra Concert Program B Ticket on the day and Shuttle Bus Service available

Sep 7 (Sat) Orchestra Concert Prgoram B ticket on the day will be available for purchase from 1:30 PM at the venue.
There will be a shuttle bus service between Matsumoto station and Kissei Bunka Hall. You may also use the local bus as well. Please use public transport when you come to the venue.

Local Bus Access

Tickets on the day:
Orchestra Concert Prgoram B ticket on the day will be available for purchase from 1:30 PM at the venue
Sale: S seat (18,000 yen) and A seat (15,000 yen) only

Shuttle Bus Service:

Matsumoto station to Kissei Bunka Hall: <Bus stop>JR Matsumoto Station Alps Exit 13:45 / 14:00~14:15 
Kissei Bunka Hall to Matsumoto Station:<Bus stop>Kissei Bunka Hall 17:00~

■Bus tickets
At Matsumoto Station:Please come to the bus ticket window at Alps exit 
※Limited 200 tickets
※Sales start at 1:20 PM   

Kissei Bunka Hall:Please purchase bus ticket at the "Shuttle Bus Ticket Window" at the Kissei Bunka Hall Lobby.

■Bus fare
Adult: 250 yen (over secondary school children)
Child 130 yen (up to elementary school children)

Sep 1st Orchestra Concert with Peter and the Wolf Standing room tickets available!

We are happy to announce that Orchestra Concert with Peter and the Wolf standing room tickets will be available on the day of the performance. Due to the sell out of regular tickets, we make standing room available for limited numbers.

Orchestra Concert with Peter and the Wolf Standing Room Ticket Information

Sales start: Sep 1 (Sun) from 1PM at Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre 2nd floor
Tickets: Back area of 2nd floor balcony (L, R) seat map
    Back area of 3rd floor balcony (L, R) seat map
Price: 1000 yen (No child price)
Numbers of Tickets: About 40

* Some area are difficult to see the stage/screen/narrator.
* Children who are short height may have difficulty to see the performance.
* It is standing room ticket. Please refrain from sitting on the area nor bringing chairs.
* The concert will be 90 min long includes 20 min intermission.
* When the numbered tickets are sold out the window closes.
* One person is able to purchase up to 2 tickets at once.
* There is no refund or changing ticket due to viewing condition.

Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival Executive Committee TEL: 0263-39-0001 (Weekday: 9 AM - 6 PM)