Open Events
オープン イベント

Open Events

Welcome Concert: “Harmony at the Castle”

Date Aug. 5 (Sat) 10:30-11:30
Venue Former site of Matsumoto Castle National Treasure Park
Artists SK Matsumoto Chorus, SK Matsumoto Junior Chorus

Chorus performance to welcome the festival in the front yard of Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure of Japan.

Liedduo Recital in Okushiga

© 大窪道治

Date Aug.17 (Thu) 15:30〜17:00
Venue Mori no Ongakudo in Okushiga Kogen
Tel: 0269-34-2034

We are happy to announce that the festival welcomes Ms. Mitsuko Shirai as a teacher again and has Liedduo Masterclass at Okushiga Kogen as OMF Chamber Music Master Class. We will have concert to show their growth.
Admission Free

Parade / Joint Performance

Date Aug. 20 (Sun) Parade 9:30- / Joint Performance 11:00-
  • Parade: Matsumoto City, Matsumoto Castle
  • Joint Performance: Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden National Treasure
* In case of rain: Kissei Bunka Hall (Nagano-ken Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan)

A parade by local elementary and secondary school wind ensembles and other community musical groups. Entrance fee required to enter Matsumoto Castle.

Welcome Street Live

  • Aug. 13(Sun) 16:00〜
    Kirameki Court, Hareniwa 1F, Aeon Mall Matsumoto
  • Aug. 20(Sun) 14:00〜
    Shinmai Media Garden

Live street concerts by Musicians with ties to Matsumoto welcoming guests will be held at Shinmai Media Garden and other locations.

Screen Concert

【JAPAN : Orchestra Concert Program A】
Date Aug. 25 (Fri) 18:30-
  • 【Special venues in Matsumoto City】
    Matsumoto Castle Park, Agetsuchi Theatre, Matsumoto Station Castle Exit Plaza
  • 【Nagano Prefecture】
    Suzaka City (Suzaka City Culture Hall “MESENA HALL”)
    Ina City (Nagano-ken Ina Bunka Kaikan)
  • 【Outside Nagano】
    Fujisawa City (Fujisawa Civic Hall)
    Kagoshima City (SUN-YELL Kagoshima)
    Kobe City (Seishin Chuo Hall)
    Hikone City (Hikone City Culture Plaza)
【JAPAN : Orchestra Concert Program B】
Date Sep. 3 (Sun)
【Taiwan : Orchestra Concert Program B】
Date Sep. 3 (Sun), Sep. 29 (Fri)

2023OMF Screen Concert will feature the Orchestra Concert Program A in several cities in Japan, and the Orchestra Concert Program B in Matsumoto and Taiwan. Please join us to enjoy the beautiful sound of Saito Kinen Orchestra from the concert hall in Matsumoto.

Festival Photo Exhibition

© 大窪道治

Date July 14 (Fri) – Sep. 8 (Fri)
Venue The Hachijuni Bank Gallery, Kissei Bunka Hall and other locations

Exhibitions of photographs from the Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival taken by official photographer Michiharu Okubo and Takeshi Yamada.

Cozy & Special “Demae” Concerts

© 大窪道治

Date Throughout the festival period
Venue Various healthcare institutions and homes for elder

Saito Kinen Orchestra Members and Seiji Ozawa Music Academy students perform in places such as hospitals, homes for elderly and institutions for disabled.“Demae” is the Japanese word for meal delivery – these concerts are designed to deliver the joy of the music to those music lovers who are otherwise unable to attend the concerts.