SKO Brass Ensemble Tour final run finished with thunder of applause! We see you in Matsumoto this summer!


Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble tour finally came to an end tonight at Kioi hall in TOKYO. 12 members looked so happy to see the full-hose audience, and performed in total 10 pieces, include "A Whole New World" and "Birdland" as encore. At the end of the endless curtain call, the members accepted OMF themed-color blue rose and left the stage.
We thank you all the audience who came to see the performance, and all the staffs who made this incredible tour possible.
Until we see you in Matsumoto this summer!!



SKO Brass Ensemble performance shined in IWAKI!

2019-01-30 20 57 16_credit.jpg

Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble performed brightly at Iwaki Performing Center.
One of the good thrill of being on a tour is performing in different city and venue each day.
Tonight the Iwaki Performing Center gave us a full range of color lighting to match with each music and added spice to the tour.
The members were quite happy when they could leave their names on the wall of the backstage. Thank you all for coming to enjoy the ensemble harmony!
And big congratulations to 10 years anniversary, Iwaki Performing Arts Center!

Tomorrow the tour finally comes to the final day. We see you in TOKYO!
2019-01-30 21 22 07_credit.jpg

Thank you for the full-house in MITO! SKO Brass goes to IWAKI tomorrow!


The tour of Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble came to the second half. We thank all of he audience who made Art Tower Mito full-house tonight!

One of the music that we are honored to perform in this tour is Mühlbacher: Minimal Music, since it made its Japan debut.
Please watch carefully Mr. Satoshi Takeshima (marimba)'s foot steps, as the members watch his rhythm to not to lose their own.

Tomorrow we go to IWAKI for the second to last performance of our tour!
Ticket on day will be available for purchase from 5:30PM at the entrance of the Iwaki Performing Arts Center. We are looking forward to seeing you!


SKO Brass Ensemble enjoyed HIROSHIMA performance! Ticket on day available at MITO!

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Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble had its 4th day of the tour in HIROSHIMA. Thank you all for making the venue packed, and we were so happy to see many young audience carrying instruments cases!

The next performance is in MITO on Jan 29 (Tue). The tickets are sold out, but some ticket on day is available for purchase on the day of the performance.
Please call 029-231-8000 (Art Tower Mito Ticket Center) for booking from 9:30 AM on Jan 29.

Tickets for IWAKI performance on Jan 30 (Wed) are still available. Don't miss out the great harmony!

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SKO Brass Ensemble OSAKA performance closed with special encore! Here comes HIROSHIMA tomorrow!


The 3rd day of the tour we came to Osaka for matinee performance. Thank you all for coming despite the very cold weather!

It was the first time for the SKO Brass to perform in Kansai area. To celebrate it, the 12 musicians played "Rokko Oroshi" (Osaka-based baseball team Hansin Tigers song) at the encore. The audience enjoyed it with clapping hands together.

Tomorrow the tour goes to HIROSHIMA, where had welcomed us warmly 2 years ago in previous tour! We're looking forward seeing you!