2022 OMF Tickets

  • Tickets go on sale June 11 [sat] 10:00 AM
  • Tickets sold only in Japan.
  • Limited to 4 tickets per performance per access.
  • Seats that can be reserved on OMF Web Ticket and ticket counters are the same.
  • No special restriction on seating. (As of April 26)

Note:⟨Please be sure to read⟩

  • Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited regardless of reasons.
  • Please note that the resold tickets might be invalid and not to be accepted. The organizer takes no responsibility for any troubles occurred.
  • The programs and performers are subject to change.
  • Tickets shall not be refunded or exchanged, unless the concert scheduled for the date and time stated is cancelled due to force majeure.
  • Refund of tickets due to force majeure will be made by the way to be instructed. Lost, damaged or unreadable tickets are not refundable.
  • Tickets valid only for one person for the program, time and place indicated on the reverse side. Tickets will not be re-issued for any reasons.
  • Tickets not valid if detached.
  • In case of cancellation or postponement of the concert due to force majeure, expenses such as transportation costs, will not be compensated.
  • Persons in need of wheelchair seating are requested to contact the operating board. (TEL 0263-39-0001)
  • The use of cameras, recording devices, cell phones, and other electronic devices during the performance is prohibited.
  • Please refrain from entering and / or exiting during the performance.
  • Preschool children will not be admitted.
  • You might be broadcasted on a television or other media as a part of the audience.
  • Limited parking spaces are available. Please use other means of transportation.
  • Please follow the instruction given by the hall staff.

Seating chart

Seating Chart

  • Kissei Bunka Hall
  •  Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
  • Hokuto Bunka Hall

※Click to open PDF file

Purchasing tickets

※How to buy tickets has been altered to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Purchasing tickets on OMF Web Ticket (Open 24 hours (close during system mentenance))

  • <NEW> Tickets available for purchase on OMF official website.
  • You can choose your favorite seat(s) anytime by looking at seating chart.

How to Purchase

Access to OMF Web Ticket (Japanese only).

  • Prior registration (free) required. Register is available before June 11th.

How to purchase / collect tickets

You can choose how to purchase tickets from below. Please note that fee and how to collect tickets are different depend on how you purchase them.

How to purchase Fee How to collect tickets
(ticketing and shipping fee)
Credit No charge ・Seven-Eleven (110 yen / per ticket)
・By mail (shipping fee 460 yen / per purchase)
・E-ticket (Ticket ResQ) (55 yen / per ticket)
at Seven-Eleven 165 yen / per purchase ・Seven-Eleven (110 yen / per ticket)
・By mail (shipping fee 460 yen / per purchase)

Purchasing tickets in Person

June 11th (Sat) Only ※No phone reservation available

Tickets will be sold at the below 3 locations from 10:00 to 13:00 (Sales end when tickets sell out).

  • Sogo Taiiku Kan (Matsumoto)
  • Hokuto Bunka Hall (Nagano)
  • Ina Bu nka Kaikan (Ina)

※To prevent from being crowded, we highly recommend you to use internet for purchasing tickets.

Ticket Agencies

LAWSON TicketLcode:32451 [URL] ※Prior registration (free) required.
※You may choose seats.(After 11:00~ only on June 11th)
10:00 - 24hrs.
Loppi at LAWSON / ministop 10:00 - 24hrs.
Ticket PIAP code:216-271 [URL] ※Prior registration (free) required.
※You may choose seats.
10:00 - 24hrs.※System maintenance every Tue and Wed 2:30 ‒ 5:30.
multiple printer at Seven-Eleven ※You may choose seating area. 10:00 - 24hrs.※System maintenance every Tue and Wed 2:30 ‒ 5:30.
e+ (e plus) [URL] ※Prior registration (free) required.
※You may choose seats
10:00 - 24hrs.
※System maintenance every first & third Thursdays 2:00 ‒ 8:00.
multiple printer at Family Mart ※You may choose seats 10:00 - 24hrs.
※System maintenance every first & third Thursdays 2:00 ‒ 8:00.
Tickets for below programs are also available at each venues. (After June 18th / Close once it is sold out)
Orchestra Concert : Kissei Bunka Hall
Chamber Concerts : The Harmony Hall
Opera : Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
30th Special Concert : Kissei Bunka Hall and Hokuto Bunka Hall