Special Program

Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble

Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble

サイトウ・キネン・オーケストラ ブラス・アンサンブル

Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival –Special Concert –
Saito Kinen Orchestra Brass Ensemble

Jan. 24 (Thu) 19:00 The Harmony Hall (Matsumoto)
Jan. 25 (Fri) 19:00 Tokai City Arts Theatre(Tokai)
Jan. 26 (Sat) 14:00 Izumi Hall (Osaka)
Jan. 27 (Sun) 14:00 Elizabeth University of Music Cecilia Hall (Hiroshima)
Jan. 29 (Tue) 19:00 Art Tower Mito Concert Hall ATM (Mito)
Jan. 30 (Wed) 18:30 Iwaki Performing Arts Center(Iwaki)
Jan. 31 (Thu) 19:00 Kioi Hall (Tokyo)

2018 Program

Orchestra Concert

オーケストラ コンサート

Orchestra Concert Program A

Aug. 26 (Sun), 2018

Orchestra Concert Program B

Aug. 31 (Fri), 2018

Orchestra Concert Program C

Sep. 2 (Sun), 2018



OMF Opera by Seiji Ozawa Music Academy

Sep. 1 (Sat), 2018
Puccini: Gianni Schicchi

Chamber Music


Chamber Concert I

Aug. 19 (Sun), 2018

Chamber Concert II

Aug. 25 (Sat), 2018

Chamber Concert III

Sep. 1 (Sat), 2018

Educational Program


OMF Chamber Music Study Group -Brass Ensemble-

Aug. 18 (Sat), 2018

Concert for Children

Sep. 6 (Thu), 2018
Sep. 7 (Fri), 2018

Opera for Children

Aug. 29 (Wed), 2018
Aug. 30 (Thu), 2018

Concert for Children Special Version

Aug. 31 (Fri), 2018

Open Events

オープン イベント

OMF Chember Music Study Group -Brass Ensemble-

Aug. 11 (Sat) – Aug. 16 (Thu)
Concert: Aug. 17 (Fri)

Parade/Joint Performance

Aug. 19 (Sun), 2018

Festival Photo Exhibition

Early August through early September

Outdoor Screen Concert

Aug. 31 (Fri), 2018

Welcome Concert: Harmony at the Castle

Aug. 11 (Sat), 2018

Welcome Street Live

Aug. 11 (Sat) , Aug. 18 (Sat), Aug. 25 (Sat), Sep. 2 (Sun)

Cozy & Special “Demae” Concerts

Throughout the festival period
Seiji Ozawa
© Shintaro Shiratori

About Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival (OMF)

Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto (SKF), which since 1992 under the direction of world-renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa has been held every year in summer in Matsumoto, Japan, has been renamed into Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival (OMF) since 2015. The Saito Kinen Orchestra (SKO), which formed the basis of SKF, remains at the core of OMF, welcoming well-known classical music conductors, musicians and opera actors as always.

About OMF
Seiji Ozawa
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Saito Kinen Orchestra