Tickets for Orchestra Concert Program B : Win the lottery to purchase tickets. Here is how to apply for the lottery.

Note:⟨Please be sure to read⟩

  • Only winners for the lottery can purchase tickets.
  • Tickets are sold only in Japan.
  • Limited to 2 tickets per application / person.
  • Application is not valid when:
    • the same person applied multiple times.
    • not applied through the application methods below
    • applied for more than 2 tickets per application / person
    • necessary information is not submitted.
    • Not submitted by the deadline.
    • information is invalid and when we are unable to reach the applicant after them winning the lottery.
    • the payment was not completed and/or ticket(s) was not collected within the specified period.
  • Preschool children will not be admitted.
  • Please note that the resold tickets might be invalid or unacceptable. The organizer takes no responsibility for any troubles occurred.
  • Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited for any reasons.
    • We may check your ID when entering the venue.
  • The programs and performers are subject to change.
  • Tickets shall not be refunded or exchanged, unless the concert scheduled for the date and time stated is cancelled due to force majeure.
  • Refund of tickets due to force majeure will be made by the way to be instructed. Lost, damaged or unreadable tickets are not refundable.
    • Seating areas are selectable but no seat numbers.
    • Changing the details of the tickets after winning are not available.You can not change the details of the application after winning the lottery.
    • Other:Lottery is not on a first-come-first-served basis. Lottery selections are processed at random from among those who applied during the application period.
      Applicant’s name will be printed on the ticket(s).

Acceptance Period / Result Announcement Schedule

  • Acceptance Period

    May 12 (Fri) – May 18 (Thu), 2023
  • Result Announcement

    May 31 (Wed), 2023
    • Email will be delivered to your registered address announcing the result.

OMF Web Tickets

  • Acceptance Period

    May 12 (Fri) 10:00AM – May 18 (Thu) , 2023 23:59PM

    Please access OMF Web Tickets (Japanese Only).

  • Not a member

    Prior registration (free) required.

  • Already a member.

    Please check your registered information is valid.

    ⇒Log in OMF Tickets

After Winning The Lottery

※Please be sure to complete the payment within the specified period, otherwise the lottery result will be invalid.

Payment Method Payment Period How to collect ticket(s)
Online【Credit Card】 Your credit card will be automatically charged after the winning result At Seven-Eleven shop/ May 31(Wed) – Sep 2(Sat) 2023
At Seven-Eleven shop May 31(Wed) – June 10 (Sat) 2023 At Seven-Eleven shop/ May 31(Wed) – Sep 2(Sat) 2023

How to apply through ticket agencies

Lottery registrations are also available on Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia and e-plus. Please visit their website for more information (Japanese only).

Lawson TicketL code: 37030 [URL] ※Prior registration (free) required. 10:00~(Open 24 hours)
Ticket PiaP code: 241-987 [URL] ※Prior registration (free) required. 10:00~(Open 24 hours)※System maintenance every Tue and Wed 2:30 ‒ 5:30.
e+ (e-plus) [URL] ※Prior registration (free) required. 10:00~(Open 24 hours)
※System maintenance every first & third Thursdays 2:00 ‒ 8:00.