Open Events
オープン イベント

Open Events  [Entrance Free (except Joint Performance)]

Welcome Concert “Harmony at the City of Music”

2023OMF ©山田毅

Date Aug. 3 (Sat) 10:30-12:00
Venue Shinmai MEDIA GARDEN
Artists SK Matsumoto Chorus, SK Matsumoto Junior Chorus

A chorus performs to welcome the festival.

OMF Chamber Music Masterclass -Wooodwind Ensemble- in Okushiga

2007SKF© 大窪道治

Date Aug.7 (Wed) 15:30〜
Venue Okushiga Kogen Hotel, The Music Hall
Tel: 0269-34-2034

Since 1996, chamber music study groups have been held for various ensembles, with the focused training camp format generating excellent results every year. For 2024, the theme is Wood Wind Ensemble. Members of Saito Kinen Orchestra will provide intensive training over the course of one week at Okushiga-Kogen to young artists who have been chosen by audition from Japan and abroad. We will have concerts in Okushiga and Matsumoto to show their growth.
Admission Free

Welcome Parade / Joint Performance

2023OMF ©山田毅

Date Aug. 18 (Sun) Parade 9:00-* / Joint Performance 10:30-*
*The event time has been changed from the initial announcement.
  • Parade: Matsumoto City, Matsumoto Castle Park
  • Joint Performance: National Treasure Matsumoto Castle
* In case of rain: Kissei Bunka Hall (Nagano-ken Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan)

A parade and joint performance by local elementary and junior high school wind ensembles and other community musical groups. Entrance fee required to enter Matsumoto Castle.

Welcome Street Live

2023OMF ©山田毅

  • Aug. 11 (Sun) 10:30-
    AEON MALL Matsumoto
  • Aug. 24 (Sat) 14:00-
    Matsumoto Castle Park

Musicians with ties to Matsumoto hold live street concerts with the spirit of "Welcome to Matsumoto, the City of Music!" Enjoy discovering a wide variety of music.

Screen Concerts

2023OMF ©山田毅

【JAPAN:Orchestra Concert Program B】
【Special venues in Matsumoto City】

Matsumoto Castle Park, Agetsuchi Theater
Aug. 24 (Sat) 18:30-

【Nagano prefecture】

Omachi city, Miyota town, Kawakami village, Matsukawa village
Please notes:The date and time of the event vary depending on the venue.

【Other prefectures】

Fujisawa city, Himeji city, Toyonaka city, Nagoya city
Please notes:The date and time of the event vary depending on the venue.

※For more info please see:

The orchestra concert recordings will be projected at special venues in Matsumoto city and other cities. The audience can enjoy the atmosphere of the concert with high-quality sound and engaging footage on a large screen.

Festival Photo Exhibitions

2023OMF ©山田毅

Date July 16 (Tue) – Sep. 5 (Thu)
Venue The Hachijuni Bank Gallery, Kissei Bunka Hall (Nagano-ken Matsumoto Bunka kaikan),MIDORI Matsumoto.

Exhibitions of photos taken by official photographer Michiharu Okubo and Takeshi Yamada.

Cozy & Special “Demae (Delivery)” Concerts

2023OMF ©山田毅

Date Throughout Festival dates
Venue Local welfare institutions and homes for elderly

Festival performers visit hospitals, homes for the elderly, and institutions for the disabled.