New Recordings of the 7th Symphony & Leonore Overture No. 3 with the Saito Kinen Orchestra Released on Sep 1st 2020

Decca Classics announces the release of a new record marking the 85th birthday of Grammy-winning conductor/OMF director, Seiji Ozawa. Recorded live in 2016/17, Ozawa leads the Saito Kinen Orchestra in performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No.7 and Leonore Overture No. 3, also marking the German composer’s 250th birthday year.

Dominic Fyfe, Label Director of Decca Classics and the producer of recordings by Ozawa and the Saito Kinen Orchestra’s since 2003, says, “We all wish Seiji the happiest of birthdays. While recent years have been challenging because of illness, his music-making has shone through with a determination and resilience which are apt for Beethoven and this most exhilarating of his symphonies”.

In Ozawa’s 85th birthday year, a double Beethoven release commemorates not only the German composer’s legacy, but also that of the “lithe, balletic athlete with a shock of thick black hair” (Steven Spielberg, speaking in 1998, reflecting on their first meeting) who continues to captivate audiences well into his ninth decade.

Decca Classics releases ‘Beethoven Symphony No.7/Leonore Overture No.3' with Seiji Ozawa and the Saito Kinen Orchestra on 1st September 2020.

Ludwig van Beethoven

  1. Leonore Overture No. 3, Op. 72
  2. Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, i. Poco sostenuto – Vivace
  3. Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, ii. Allegretto
  4. Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, iii. Presto – Assai meno presto
  5. Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, iv. Allegro con brio